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A multiplied reality threaded in fictions. Masked and sneaky. Nonetheless, material. Unstable. A kind of spatialized white noise of mixed signals, the land of #ReFi ——— To come up with a clean and causal narrative becomes impossible. A contradiction in terms. The #ReFi call cannot be a three paragraph text with a few randomly chosen questions. A coherent linear fiction with setup, body and resolution, out of a reality which has none of it. To surrender the endless potential of fiction, of the real; the fascinating forces of the real, of fiction ——— Instead, we offer an ever-changing map of that reality-fiction mesh. A tool to explore and operate within an undifferentiated and evanescent territory with the aid of vanishing or fictitious reference points. A call to fabricate, to discover, to compose new fleeting configurations ——— The call becomes a territory, an instrument and an invitation to explore it.
Each time the #ReFi page is loaded, the growing reality-fiction territory is randomly reconfigured from a series of proposed relations. You are invited to play around with them: pin down a concept (click-and-drag) and create your own proximities, overlaps and framings ——— Submissions to displacements #2 will work as explorations of this fugitive territory and/or as a reflection on the instruments and strategies needed to explore, move and act within it. We encourage all participants to submit their own personal #Refi territories along with their contributions.
displacements is asking for written pieces (essays and/or fiction ranging from 2000 to 5000 words), projects, cartographic, photographic and illustration works (video, audio, and other non-printable formats are welcomed as well). Submissions must be previously unpublished and sent in complete form with a short bio of the author(s) to displacementsjournal@gmail.com before February, 1st, 2015.

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